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Varia / "Political scandal" / "News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere"

International Journal of Communication

Vol. 12, aoà»t 2018.


Bringing the Mountain to the Prophet : Marshall McLuhan’s Mythology in the Anthropocene (Niall P. Stephens)

Becoming Iconic (Barry King)

Social Issues and TV Scripted Fiction : An Exploration of Fans’ Feedback in Spain (Deborah Castro, Joseph D. Straubhaar)

Rethinking the Venezuelan Media Presidency : Populism/Authoritarianism and “Spectacular Modernity” (Noah Zweig)

The Bounded Embodiment of Fandom in China : Recovering Shifting Media Experiences and Fan Participation Through an Oral History of Animation-Comics-Games Lovers (Yiyi Yin, Xie Zhuoxiao)

Implicit and Explicit Control : Modeling the Effect of Internet Censorship on Political Protest in China (Jiayin Lu, Yupei Zhao)

Networks of Play and Resentment : Emotionally Mobilized Protests in Macau in the Internet Age (Zhongxuan Lin)

Theoretical Frames and Institutional Constraints : A Synopsis About Chilean Communication Research in the 21st Century (Claudia Lagos Lira)

Attention in Business Press to the Diffusion of Attention Technologies, 1990–2017 (Ronald E. Rice, Zane T. Hoffmann)

The Media Event Build-Up Phase : A Site of Contestation and Counternarratives (Cerianne Robertson)

Far-Right Parties in the European Union and Media Populism : A Comparative Analysis of 10 Countries During European Parliament Elections (Larisa Doroshenko)

The Post-Truth Double-Helix : Reflexivity and Mistrust in Local Politics (Timothy Gibson)

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