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Mediální studia / Media Studies

Vol. 12, n° 1, 2018.

Table of Contents


Octavio Penna Pieranti - Edilon Esaú Reis : Counterattack in Cold War ? How Socialist Bloc TV Transmitted to Capitalist Europe

Krzysztof Wasilewski : Media Framing and Intercultural Communication : a Critical Review of Studies on Framing of Migration

Michał Tkaczyk : Mediated Threats in the Context of the Politics of Securitization and State of Exception

Tereza Ježková : How Newspapers Used to be Read : the Evolution of a Reader’s Portrait in the Czech Fine Arts

Monika Hanych : Media Representation of the Czech Judiciary & Judge’s Influence on Media Coverage of Court Decisions

Markéta Hrabánková : Media Presentation of Natural Science in Chosen Czech Media in 2013


Gergely Gosztonyi : Prison Radios : Communication on the Periphery of a Society


Martina Topinková : On Mediated Emotions, Journalistic Complacency and Apathy. An Interview with Andrew Bissell

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