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Palabra Clave

Vol. 21, n° 3, 2018.

Table of contents


Citation Networks as an Element of Construction of the Scientific Field : Analysis of Political Communication in Mexico

Values, Attitudes, and Political Participation in Mexico

Independent Voices of Entrepreneurial News : Setting a New Agenda in Latin America

Framing of Electoral Processes : The Stages of the Campaign as a Moderator of the Presence of Political Frames in the News

Electoral Debates. The Last Stronghold Against Mediatization ? A Case Study of the 2015 Spanish General Elections

The Run for the Mayor’s Office of Manizales (Colombia) on Twitter : A Case for Understanding Online Interaction between Candidates and Citizens

Trump 2016 : President Elected Thanks to Social Media ?

Sharing Media and Electoral Preference on Twitter : Analysis of Public Opinion during the 2014 Elections in Brazil

With Me or Against Me : Analysis of the Concordance and Thematic Strategies of the Centro Democrático Political Party on Twitter

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