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Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies

Vol. 7, n° 2, 2018.

Press councils as a traditional instrument of media self-regulation : The perceptions of European journalists (Marcel Mauri i de los Ríos, Ruth Rodríguez-Martínez and Mònica Figueras Maz And Maddalena Fedele)

Intermedia agenda-setting effect in corporate news : Examining the influence of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal on local newspapers (Xiaoqun Zhang)

Results of framing in music journalism : Benefits and burdens of being designated heir to a cultural icon (Jordan M. McClain)

They never made it to the end : Reader uses of a multimedia narrative (Kate Kartveit)

When societies crash : A critical analysis of news media’s social role in the aftermath of national disasters (Stijn Joye)

The Moroccan digital media’s representation of the Moroccan woman : A multimodal analysis to Hespress discourse (Rachid Acim)

Journalists’ and news editors’ views on children as news subjects in Albanian media : Exploring issues of newsworthiness and self-censorship (Emiljano Kaziaj)

God and sport : Orientalism in Sports Illustrated coverage of religion (Patrick Ferrucci And Gregory P. Perreault)

Cracking the coding ceiling : Looking at gender construction in data journalism from a field theory perspective (Sara de Vuyst)

Teaching vicarious trauma in the journalism classroom : An examination of educational provision in UK universities (Doug Specht And Julia Tsilman)

Journalism meets games : Newsgames as a new digital genre. Theory, boundaries, utilization (Authors : Klaus Meier)

The journalism of Gannett Blog : Revealing communities of practice and social construction through collective dynamics (William Schulte)

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