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"Inclusive journalism"

Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies

Vol. 6, n° 3, Octobre 2017.

Inclusive journalism : How to shed light on voices traditionally left out in news coverage
Author : Rupar, Verica


Framing inclusive journalism : Between necessary idealism and essential realism
Author : Husband, Charles

Indigenous voices in the global public sphere : Analysis of approaches to journalism within the WITBN network
Author : Markelin, Lia

Translation in the newsroom : Losing voices in multilingual newsflows
Authors : Perrin, Daniel ; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen ; Zampa, Marta

Global interaction as a learning path towards inclusive journalism
Authors : Moring, Tom ; Zilliacus, Kim ; Rupar, Verica ; Treadwell, Gregory ; Jørgensen, Asbjørn Slot ; Larsen, Inger K. ; Munk, Inger ; Matheson, Donald

How diverse are Egypt’s media : A look at the post-revolution presidential elections
Author : Abdulla, Rasha

Who speaks for Islam in Australian newspapers ? – The case of the Doveton mosque in Melbourne, Victoria
Authors : Parr, Caitlin ; Sandner, Judith

’To follow or not to follow ?’ : How Belgian health journalists use Twitter to monitor potential sources
Authors : Van Leuven, Sarah ; Deprez, Annelore

The hope and hyperbole of social media as a vehicle to promote inclusive journalism
Author : Sacco, Vittoria

Building bridges : Inclusive journalism in conflict zones
Author : Cotza, Lorena

‘I’ve never interviewed ordinary people. We use them only in vox pops’
Author : Pesic, Milica

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