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Communication & Society

Vol. 30, n° 4, 2017.


Carmen Sofía BRENES : The Aristotelian Myth, the Screen Idea and the Making of the Chilean Film No

Ricardo LEIVA SOTO, Cristóbal BENAVIDES and Kenton T. WILKINSON : Young Hispanics’ Motivations to Use Smartphones : A Three-Country Comparative Study

Alec TEFERTILLER : Moviegoing in the Netflix Age : Gratifications, Planned Behavior, and Theatrical Attendance

Manuel PERIS VIDAL Autonomous thought and political talk show guests. A study of the television programme Las Mañanas de Cuatro

Clara SANZ HERNANDO : The failure of the Francoist Movement Press Group to convert La Voz de Castilla into a prototype to save its newspapers

Santiago GIRALDO LUQUE, Isabel VILLEGAS SIMÓN and Tomás DURÁN BECERRA : Use of the websites of parliaments to promote citizen deliberation in the process of public decision-making. Comparative study of ten countries (America and Europe)

Ana Marta MAYAGOITIA SORIA : American social engineering through children’s educational films (1945-1953)

Mª Teresa MERCADO-SÁEZ and Carmen del Rocío MONEDERO MORALES : Treatment and framing of energy issues on television : An analysis of the infotainment programs on the Spanish TV channel La Sexta

Vicente FENOLL and Lorena CANO-ORÓN : Citizen engagement on Spanish political parties’ Facebook pages : Analysis of the 2015 electoral campaign comments

Manuel MARTÍNEZ-NICOLÁS, Enric SAPERAS and Ángel CARRASCO-CAMPOS : Journalism research in Spain. Analysis of research articles published in Spanish journals over the past 25 years (1990-2014)

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