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27 - L’Âge d’or

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Luc Robène, Solveig Serre

Punk is dead. Long live punk! A Punk ‘Golden Age’ in the French Music Press

Le Temps des médias n° 27, Automne-Hiver 2016-2017, p. 124-138.


Between 1976 and 1978, simultaneously in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and across many European countries including France, scores of musical groups were suddenly being referred to in the press or self-defining themselves as “punk”. Those three years constituted a short-lived but seminal period, after which punk, whose transience was stressed by its actors, was considered dead both by the press and by some of the punks themselves. Our study, based on an analysis of a corpus made up of the monthly publications of France’s two most important rock magazines, Rock & Folk and Best, will thus examine the distinct features and the plurality of media and memorial processes which take part in the construction of those representations.

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