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Proposition de recension pour la revue Journal of Language and Politics

The Journal of Language and Politics (http://www.benjamins.com/cgi-bin/t_seriesview.cgi?series=jlp) currently has the titles listed below available for review. If you are interested in reviewing any of these titles please contact me and I can send a copy out to you. Reviews are normally 1000 - 2000 words and I would ask for the review to be submitted within 4 months of receiving the book. If there are any other recent titles you would like to review, please contact Christopher Hart : c.j.hart(at)HERTS.AC.UK.

Titles currently available :

Ilie, C. (ed.) (2010). European Parliaments under Scrutiny. Amsterdam : John Benjamins.

Marxhausen, C. (2010). Identitat-Reprasentation-Diskurs : Eine handlungsorientierte linguistische Diskursanalyse zur Erfassung raumbexogener Identitatsangebote. Franz Steiner Verlag.

Millar, S. and Wilson, J. (ed.) (2007). The Discourse of Europe : Talk and Text in Everyday Life. Amsterdam : John Benjamins.

Heer, H., Manoschek, W., Pollak, A. and Wodak, R. (2008). The Discursive Construction of History : Remembering the Wehrmacht’s War of Annihilation. Basingstoke : Palgrave.

Mayr, A. (2008). Language and Power : An Introduction to Institutional Discourse. London : Continuum.

McKenzie, R.M. (2010). The Social Psychology of English as a Global Language. Springer.

Schäffner, C. and Bassnett, S. (2010). Political Discourse, Media and Translation. Newcastle : Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Cap, P. (2008). Legitimisation in Political Discourse : A Cross- Disciplinary Perspective on the Modern US War Rhetoric. Newcastle : Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Hart, C. and Lukes, D. (eds.) (2010). Cognitive Linguistics in Critical Discourse Analysis : Application and Theory. Newcastle : Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Contact :
Dr Christopher Hart
Lecturer in English Language and Communication
University of Hertfordshire

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