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Call for papers "Mediations and media" for volume 3, n°2(6)/2010 ESSACHESS

In its general meaning, the concept of mediation implies the development of social links between people or between people and objects in order to improve imperfect forms of communication or to create a new one. In the media studies, the connection with media and mediation(s) revealed in the latest and recent works, in an international context, highlights several contributions. When media and mediation(s) are studied as concepts, they refer to theoretical works. On the other hand, when they are studied as practical notions, they refer to a structural study, to a professional framework, etc. Indeed, lots of researches deal with devices, appliances, new technologies, material systems, “mediators” set up in the different medias to make possible a “good” communication between people/objects.
An important part of the mediation devices set up in medias - press, television, radio, Internet - deserves to be explored more deeply for the conceptual or for the practical perspectives. For instance, it could be interesting to study the link between the mediations and the duration, the material and/or human environment, the broadcasting and the reception. It could be also interesting to take into account the innovative parts used, the process of decision, which authorities are involved, in order to evaluate the evolution of the mediation.
The aim of the journal ESSACHESS - “Mediations and medias” – is to provide an international perspective on the empirical and theoretical works in this field. All scholars and researchers with an interest in these subjects, are invited to submit papers. Their contributions can be in the form of :
- theoretical studies or articles adding new insights to the debate in the literature ;
- original empirical research ;
- case studies.

Catherine GHOSN (LERASS, Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse, France) and Roula KHOURY (St Joseph University of Beyrouth, Lebanon).

Important Deadlines
- March 1st, 2009 : submission of the proposition of article in the form of a summary of 400-500 words ;
- March 31, 2010 : acceptance of the proposal ;
- June 30, 2010 : full paper submission ;
- September, 2010 : full paper acceptance. Papers should be around 6000-10000 words in lenght. Papers can be submitted in English or French. The abstracts should be in English and French, max. 200-250 words followed by 5 keywords. Please provide the full names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of all authors, indicating the contact author. Papers, and any queries, should be sent to :
Authors of the accepted papers will be notified by e-mail. The journal will be published in December 2010.
The journal „ESSACHESS” has been indexed in the database ProQuest CSA International.

En savoir plus : http://www.iut-tarbes.fr/rech/SiteESSACHESS/Revue%20ESSACHESS.html
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