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Call for Chapter Proposals for Edited book titled, "Multiple Representations in HBO TV Series Treme", Dominique Gendrin and Catherine Dessinges

Date limite : 15 février 2013

We are assembling a book proposal for University Press of Mississippi for an anthology on HBO’s TV Series Treme. The book aims to interrogate the multiple and complex social-historical, political, racial, and cultural constructions of reality represented in the series through the contributions of scholars from different disciplines. We are looking for extended abstract submissions reflecting diverse theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. Topic areas are broadly defined as, but not limited to, the following :

Urban and Cultural Identity : Food, music, Mardi Gras, parades, tourism, entrepreneurship, and citizenry, etc. Social Injustice : Loss, abandonment, poverty, criminality, housing, labor, corruption ; etc. Race, Class and Gender : media representations of race, class and gender including Creoles, Mardi Gras Indians and other communities… Institutions : Political, educational, medical, criminal, etc. Representations and Realities : Realism and fiction, historical truths, etc. Art in Treme : Artistic tropes, metaphors, narrative work, aesthetic dispositions, etc. Treme in Television Studies : HBO status and politics, audience reception, authorial intents, production, etc. Chapter Proposal Guidelines An extended abstract of 2-5 pages that should include the following :

The specific representation(s) your chapter will examine. A well-defined theoretical framework and methodology A summary or outline of your proposed chapter A preliminary bibliography of sources that will be used in the chapter Your proposal should be accompanied by a published essay you authored, ideally on the subject matter discussed in the chapter proposal.

If you are selecting among multiple essays you have published, please send an essay for which you are the lead or sole author.

Please provide an up-to-date curriculum vitae that lists your five most recent publications.

Proposals and chapters can be written in English or French.

Completed proposals (parts 1-5 specified above) are due on or before midnight February 15, 2013.

We will select among the proposals and notify submitters of our decisions by March 30, 2013.

Completed chapters will be due June 30, 2013.

Please send a title, all author(s) name, phone, address, and other contact information along with the rest of the submission to : “Dominique Gendrin” dgendrin@xula.edu for submissions in the United States and beyond and "Catherine Dessinges" Catherine.dessinges@univ-lyon3.fr for submissions in Europe.

Email submission preferred. Please send submission material as a PDF attachment or a MS word attachment.

Scientific coordinators Dominique M. Gendrin, Ph.D., Professor of Communication AT&T Endowed Professor Department of Communications Xavier University of Louisiana 1 Drexel Drive New Orleans, LA 70125-1098 (Office)504-520-5460 (Fax) 504-520-7982

Catherine Dessinges, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sciences of Information & Communication ELICO University of Lyon 3 6 cours Albert Thomas 69008 Lyon, France (Office) +33 (0)4 78 78 76 87

Scientific committee Dominique Gendrin, Professeur in Communication, Xavier University, New Orleans, USA Vicky Mayer, Professor in Communication, Tulane University,New Orleans, USA Wendy Hajjar, Associate Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA Jean-Pierre Esquenazi, Professeur en Sciences de la Communication, Marje, Université Lyon 3, France Catherine Dessinges, Maitre de Conférences en Sciences de la Communication, Elico, Université Lyon 3, France

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