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Appel àcontributions, revue Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Date limite : 19 mai 2014

The "Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television" is looking for book reviewers to contribute to future issues and has brand new copies of the following titles.

1. Importing Asta Nielsen, KINtop 2 : The International Film Star in the Making, 1910-1914 (KINtop Studies in Early Cinema) – Loiperdinger, Martin & Jung, Uli Jung (Editor)
2. Inside the Tardis – Chapman, James
3. New Dimensions of Dr WHO – Hills, Matt
4. Silent Film Comedy and American Culture – Bilton, Alan
5. The Age of New Waves : Art Cinema and the Staging of Globalization - James Tweedie
6. The Ancient World in Silent Cinema – Michelakis, Pantelis – Wyke, Maria
7. The Handbook of Communication History (ICA Handbook Series) - Simonson, Peter et al.
8. The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Cinemas – Rojas, Carlos & Chow, Eileen
9. Waltzing with Bashir : Perpetrator Trauma and Cinema – Morag, Raya
10. Who is WHO ? – Decker, Kevin S.

Reviews are typically in the 500-1.000 word range. Individuals interested in a particular title should contact personally : roel.vandewinkel@gmail.com
Please make sure to include some information about your research and expertise and/or explain why you are interested in reviewing the title of your choice.

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