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Appel àcontributions, revue Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Date limite : 17 février 2014

The "Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television" is looking for book reviewers to contribute to future issues and has brand new copies of the following titles.

1. Am anfang war das experiment : das weimarer radio – Flesch, Hans & Schoen, Ernst 2. Amazon-Town TV – An Audience Ethnography in GURUPA, BRAZIL – Pace, Richard & Hinote, Brian P. 3. Archival Film Festivals – Marlow-Mann, Alex 4. British Films of the 1970s – Newland, Paul 5. British Trash Cinema – Hunter, I.Q. 6. Broadcasting and the NHS in the Thatcherite 1980s : The Challenge to Public Service – Holland, Patricia 7. French Film in BRITAIN : Sex, Art and Cinephilia – Mazdon, Lucy & Wheatley, Catherine 8. History on Television – Gray, Ann & Bell, Erin 9. Homemade Men in Postwar Austrian Cinema. Nationhood, Genre and Masculinity – Fritsche, Maria 10. Jimmy MCGOVERN – Blandford, Steve 11. Postwall German Cinama. History, Film History and Cinephilia – Frey, Mattias 12. The British Pop Music Film – Glynn, Stephen 13. The Waltons : Nostalgia and Myth in Seventies America – Chopra-Gant, Mike 14. Transnational Television History : A Comparative Approach – Fickers, Andreas & Johnson, Catherine 15. Twentieth Century-Fox : The ZANUCK-SKOURAS Years, 1935-1965 – Lev, Peter

Reviews are typically in the 500-1.000 word range. Individuals interested in a particular title should contact personally : roel.vandewinkel@gmail.com

Please make sure to include some information about your research and expertise and/or explain why you are interested in reviewing the title of your choice.

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