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Appel àcontribution "Global Lesbian Cinema" pour la revue The Journal of Lesbian Studies, 2011.

We seek papers on the topic of Global Lesbian Cinema, broadly defined, for a special issue of The Journal of Lesbian Studies. This issue will explore the lesbian experience as it figures in fiction and documentary, narrative and experimental, mainstream and independent films, from diverse cultures/nations across the globe and in various stages of development.
Papers might address single films or individual directors, take a comparative/cross-cultural approach, track historical development or examine the cinema of a specific nation or region of the world. We seek both pieces that speak to the portrayal of lesbians and work that examines lesbian-made cinema. Additionally, we hope to assemble a group of papers that addresses a variety of lesbian personifications including, but not limited to, diversity across racial-ethnic identity, cultural/national identity, class, family and youth, disability/ableism, and across the lifespan.
We welcome multi-disciplinary approaches to the topic coming from fields such as sociology, cinema studies, cultural studies, literary studies, art history, psychology, communications, and global studies.
Although we are centering upon lesbian cinema, we may also consider explorations of bisexual, transgender, or queer personifications if there is a strong connection to the main focus of the issue.

Please direct inquiries or submit a proposal of no more than 500 words, or a completed paper, and a brief CV to :
Jennifer Gauthier, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Randolph College, jgauthier@randolphcollege.edu or Daniel Farr, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Randolph College, dfarr@randolphcollege.edu by January 1, 2011.
Invitations for full-papers will be dispersed by late January with a paper deadline of May 30, 2011.

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