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Appel àcommunications, Colloque, "France’s electoral year 2011-12", university of Nottingham, 13-14 septembre 2012

Les communications peuvent se faire en anglais ou en français

In September 2011 France entered a year with three major ballots : the renewal of half of the Senate (with a swing to the Left for the first time in its history), the election of the president, and a new National Assembly. Through the institutions of the Fifth Republic, the multiparty system and the role of political parties as the gatekeepers of office, these elections are inextricably linked, and their media representations impact on each stage of their development, as does electoral behaviour. The aim of this conference is to chart and analyse this election-packed year from the perspective of any of its actors : parties and their candidates, candidates and their campaign teams, mainstream, alternative and social media, voters, lobbyists, party militants, media professionals, bloggers and ‘citizen’ journalists.

Papers are invited on any of the following (this list is not exhaustive) :

The electoral interface : the role of any of the 2011/12 elections in relation to any of the other elections of the period.

The electoral calendar : real and false starting points, candidate selection and declaration ; high spots, pre-campaign and official campaign periods ; from the first to the second round ; consequences.

Electoral campaigns : campaign teams and management, media coverage, manifestos, themes and image projection, campaign geography and chronology.

Gender and diversity : candidate profiles ; socio-cultural targeting ; voting patterns ; profiles of elected assemblies ; media representations.

Genres : role of various press outlets and types : newspapers, weekly magazines, broadcasting, the Internet ; national/regional outlets ; tone and register : infotainment, satire, ‘hard’ politics, celebrity magazines, chat shows, debates, etc. ; word and image / photos ; official outlets vs pirated or reappropriated sites.

The electorate : political affiliation or activism vs depoliticisation ; decided and undecided voters ; participation in campaign rallies and interaction with media outlets ; opinion polls ; voting patterns and abstention rates.

Proposals should be submitted to both organisers :

sheila.perry@ nottingham. ac.uk and paul.smith@nottingh am.ac.uk

Due date : 31/05/12

Please submit an abstract of around 300 words, indicating your subject of enquiry and the methodology or perspective to be adopted.

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