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AAC FIAT/IFTA World Conference, Venise, octobre 2018

Date limite : 6 avril

In times of fake news the classic archival values of ​​reliability and authenticity once again feature prominently. They haven’t been blown away by the digital storm, but are valued higher than ever before. But new ships sail our sea today, under the flag of large technology and media companies. Social media, cloud services, mobile media consumption and big data are the drivers for change. New technologies can help us on our discovery, but how do we make sure our sails catch the right wind ?

The 42nd edition of the FIAT/IFTA World Conference offers the opportunity par excellence to confront these challenges. Once again it provides a unique forum for archives to discuss, network and learn. And you can be part of it by presenting your paper !

Main themes include :

Leveraging the powers hidden within your treasure In the archive’s control tower : current trends and topics in media management Analog and digital preservation Copyright : technology as an opportunity between producers and re-users New trends and techniques in archives research The deadline to submit a proposal is April 6th, 2018

Presentations should be based on user experiences, new initiatives or perspectives, striking conclusions, successes but also failures. The main objective is to share knowledge and results with FIAT/IFTA members in order to understand the lessons learned and new challenges or solutions arising. Most sessions will consist of three 25 minutes presentations plus time for discussion and questions.

Read and download the full Call for Papers here.

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