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CHRISTENSEN Christian (dir.)

WikiLeaks : From Popular Culture to Political Economy

Annenberg Press, 2014, 208 p.

Within a relatively short period of time, WikiLeaks became the best-known whistle-blowing organization in the world. Due in large part to the release of massive quantities of classified data on the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, the notoriety of its founder, Julian Assange, and the trial and imprisonment of Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks has been the subject of widespread attention and debate. In this collection, influential and innovative scholars from a wide variety of research backgrounds speculate about why and how WikiLeaks does (or does not) matter. These of essays demonstrate that WikiLeaks and their activities are relevant to more areas of academic study than have been addressed to date. Also, in a rare interview, editor Christian Christensen asks Birgitta Jonsdittir about her astonishing activity with WikiLeaks and the important role she played in the making of the "Collateral Murder" video.

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