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"Convergent Television(s)"

VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture

Vol. 3, n° 6, 2014.

Editorial – Gabriele Balbi, Massimo Scaglioni

‘More Than a Television Channel’ : Channel 4, FilmFour and a Failed Convergence Strategy – Hannah Andrews
Public Service Television in a Multi-Platform Environment : A Comparative Study in Finland and Israel – Oranit Klein Shagrir, Heidi Keinonen
Multiscreening and Social TV : The Changing Landscape of TV Consumption in Italy – Alberto Marinelli, Romana Andò
Newspaper Video Content : Genres and Editorial Formats in Spain – Samuel Negredo
Convergent Cultures : The Disappearance of Commissioned Audiovisual Productions in The Netherlands – Bas Agterberg

Wide-Screen Television and Home Movies : Towards an Archaeology of Television and Cinema Convergence Before Digitalisation – Tom James Longley Steward
Convergent Television and ‘Audience Participation’ : The Early Days of Interactive Digital Television in the UK – Vivi Theodoropoulou
ARTE : French-German Experiments in Crossing the Borders. ‘One Media – Three Screens’ Convergence and Interactivity at its Full Potential ? – Anna Wiehl
‘The Schneiderverse’ : Nickelodeon, Convergent Television and Transmedia Storytelling – Helena Louise Dare-Edwards
TV Goes Social : Italian Broadcasting Strategies and the Challenges of Convergence – Luca Barra, Massimo Scaglioni
Digital Convergence and Content Regulation – Michael John Starks

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