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"Latin American cinemas today : Reframing the national"

Transnational Cinemas

Volume 4 Issue 2, 2013.

Editorial : Latin American cinemas today : Reframing the national, (Barrow, Sarah ; Falicov, Tamara L.)
The first rule of Latin American cinema is you do not talk about Latin American cinema : Notes on discussing a sense of place in contemporary cinema (Middents, Jeffrey)
Sex, texts and money, funding and Latin American queer cinema : The cases of Martel’s La niña santa and Puenzo’s XXY (Shaw, Deborah)
Debunking neo-imperialism or reaffirming neo-colonialism ? The representation of Latin America in recent co-productions (Dennison, Stephanie)
New configurations for Peruvian cinema : The rising star of Claudia Llosa (Barrow, Sarah)
Transnational virtual mobility as a reification of deployment of power : Exploring transnational processes in the film Sleep Dealer (Villazana, Libia)
Framing childhood, mediating identity : Re-imagining the family in Gustavo Loza’s Al otro lado (2004) (Finnegan, Nuala)
‘Cine en Construcción’/‘Films in Progress’ : How Spanish and Latin American film-makers negotiate the construction of a globalized art-house aesthetic (Falicov, Tamara L.)
From ‘Expresión en Corto’ to Guanajuato International Film Festival : The rise of regional support for Mexican cinema in national and international contexts (Lauer, Jean Anne)
Meeting points : A survey of film festivals in Latin America (Gutiérrez, Carlos A. ; Wagenberg, Monika)

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