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06 - L’argent des médias

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Henri Pigeat et Jean-Charles Paracuellos

The newspapers market in Europe

Le Temps des médias n°6, printemps 2006, p.72-86

In the long history of the newspaper and periodical press, the last thirty years have witnessed a fundamental structural decline of the daily. While magazines and specialized titles have discovered new formulae and renewed their markets, the daily general-interest newspaper press has suffered from the brutal competition engendered by new and diverse communication techniques. Given these new market conditions, the appearance of new media and the deep ongoing transformation of news-consumption practices, the daily press is struggling to adapt to the new context. Nevertheless, the daily newspaper press has shown considerable vigour, demonstrating that it is still meeting some market-expectations. The main challenge facing it now is how is to find a new business model and a new editorial model so that it can fulfil its mission and secure its place in the new media landscape. DrapeauFrancais

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