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22 - Les mondes de la musique

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Christine Leteinturier

The music on the Internet, between generation effects and social paradox: some tracks

Le Temps des médias n°22, Printemps 2014, p. 164-174.


This contribution about music on the internet is a synthesis of students’works of Master 1 Information and Communication of the Institut Français de Presse (Université Panthéon-Assas). Interested in techno or classical music, they sought to understand what happens for music, musicians and music lovers with the internet. They study two musical styles, music and electro-techno classical music. Popular music, especially music for "young", techno quickly found its place on the internet in terms of both music production, assessment and exchange of artists sound devices, because of its close proximity to ICT. For the classical music, the reluctance to use the internet is to listen or to reconfigure forms of socialization around this genre are numerous. If younger music lovers and musicians are experimenting with the internet, and in particular the YouTube platform, the reluctance remain strong. The generation effect plays less. The taste for live practices is still widely worn by deeply rooted practices and older generations who have only very utilitarian use of the internet. Social, cultural and generational affiliations construct varied, even contradictory, relationship with the musical internet.

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