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06 - L’argent des médias

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Gilles Feyel

The cost of the French daily press (1800-1844)

Le Temps des médias n°6, printemps 2006, p.9-21

The calculations made by Girardin in the prospectus for his daily, La Presse in 1836 merit further study in the light of other available sources - the accounts of Le Journal du Paris in 1811, of Le Journal des débats in 1814, the calculations made by count Roederer in 1817-18, the balance-sheets of Le Siècle in 1839 and 1841. Given the findings now available, and the results of the work of clerks that managed the accounts of the subscription department, and data about press-runs, during a period when the mechanisation of printing came on-stream, whereas typesetting was still done by hand, it is possible to propose a new model of the annual news/editorial, administrative and manufacturing costs of Parisian daily newspapers between 1880 and 1844. DrapeauFrancais

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