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06 - L’argent des médias

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Philippe Bouquillion, Bernard Miège et Claire Morizet

The concentration of capital in the cultural and media industries, 2004-5

Le Temps des médias n°6, printemps 2006, p.151-164

The authors highlight how « financial transactions » conducted in 2004-5 in France, or in groups considered to be French, testify to broader trends concerning the evolution of content industries and changes in publishing strategies ; the financial strategies of the companies concerned are not the sole factor involved. The pace of concentration has accelerated, especially in the print sector, and not only in the companies managed by Lagardère and the Dassault group. Less attention-grabbing, but no less significant are the multimedia diversification strategies and the reorganisation of satellite bouquets undertaken to counteract telecom operators. The authors then analyse the industrial stakes that lie behind these financial manœuvres, and show that it is often difficult to pinpoint what is involved, especially in a context of corporate raiders. Policy factors involved may relate to the reinforcement of major communication groups or to a preventive policy of occupying a strategic slot, given the development of the (often unmentioned per se) new information and communication technologies. DrapeauFrancais

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