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LANGMANN Larry, The Media in the Movies. A Catalog of American Journalism Films, 1900–1996, Jefferson (NC), McFarland & Co Inc, 2009.

Cynical news hounds, grumbling editors, snooping television newscasters, inquisitive foreign correspondents, probing newsreel cameramen, and a host of others—all can be found in this reference work to Hollywood’s version of journalism : from the early one-reelers to modern fare, over a thousand silent and sound films can be found. Each entry includes title, date of release, distributor, director, screenwriter, and major cast members. These credits are followed by a brief plot summary and analysis, cross-references and other information. The book is arranged alphabetically, and includes a preface, introduction, bibliography, a list of abbreviations, appendices, and an index of names. The detailed introduction covers an historical survey of the topic, with numerous film examples. The work also includes a selection of stills from various films.
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