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"Inaugural Issue"

The Journal of Media Innovations

Vol 1, No 1 (2014).

The inaugural issue demarcates the foundations and literatures of media innovations as a field, foregrounding many of its important components and thematic foci, and thereby points to a range of important challenges to innovation on both theoretical and practical levels.

Charles M. Ess : Introduction to Inaugural Issue.
Axel Bruns : Media Innovations, User Innovations, Societal Innovations.
Valérie-Anne Bleyen, Sven Lindmark, Heritiana Ranaivoson, and Pieter Ballon : A typology of media innovations : Insights from an exploratory study.
Leyla Dogruel : What is so special about Media Innovations ? A characterization of the field.
Iris Jennes, Jo Pierson, and Wendy Van den Broeck : User Empowerment and Audience Commodification in a Commercial Television Context.
Lars Nyre : Medium design method.

Jan Bierhoff and Sander Kruitwagen : Stories behind the News ; Designing an Advanced App for Journalistic Background Information.

Arne H. Krumsvik : Book Review Editorial Statement : Mapping the Emerging Field of Media Innovation Research.
George Sylvie : Storsul & Krumsvik - Media innovations : A multidisciplinary study of change.
Avery E. Holton : Weller et al., Twitter and Society.
Jens Barland : Ibrus & Scolari - Crossmedia Innovations. Texts, Markets, Institutions.

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