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TIMOSHKINA Alissa, HARROD Mary, LIZ Mariana (dir.)

The Europeanness of European Cinema : Identity, Meaning, Globalization

I.B.Tauris, 2014, 272 p., £58.

From The Artist to The White Ribbon, from Oscar to Palme d’Or-winning productions, European filmmaking is more prominent, world-wide, than ever before. This book identifies the distinctive character of European cinema, both in films and as a critical concept, asking : what place does European cinema have in an increasingly globalized world ? Including in-depth analyses of production and reception contexts, as well as original readings of key European films from leading experts in the field, it re-negotiates traditional categories such as auteurism, art cinema and national cinemas. As the first publication to explore ’Europeanness’ in cinema, this book refocuses and updates historically significant areas of study in relation to this term. Leading scholars in European cinema - including Thomas Elsaesser, Tim Bergfelder, Anne Jackel, Lucy Mazdon and Ginette Vincendeau - acknowledge the transnational character of European filmmaking whilst also exploring the oppositions between European and Hollywood filmmaking, considering the value of the ’European’ label in the circulation of films within and beyond the continent.

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