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MOE Hallvard, VAN DEN BULCK Hilde (dir.)

Teletext in Europe : From the Analogue to the Digital Era

Nordicom, 2016. The publication is available in print and as free pdf.

The book focuses on the ‘forgotten’ medium of teletext in Europe. It starts from the assumption that a closer look at teletext not only helps us to better understand the medium, but yield insight into more general issues regarding media technology, media policy, media use and, indeed, media studies. The book combines an analysis of teletext as a medium from a policy, sociological and artistic point of view, with empirical case studies of teletext in nine European countries. It explores the history, contemporary position and future of teletext as a medium in its own right but also focuses on how teletext, despite the lack of attention from both policy makers and academics alike, has been a key force in wider media and ICT development. As such, despite the medium’s tremendous success, this is the first academic analysis of teletext in Europe.

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