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Studies in Media and Communication

Vol. 1, n°2, Décembre 2013.

Owned Media” : Developing a Theory from the Buzzword (Andreas Baetzgen, Jörg Tropp)
Communication, Leadership, and Job Satisfaction : Perspectives on Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships (Kathleen Czech, G. L. Forward)
Processing Color in Astronomical Imagery (Kimberly K. Arcand, Megan Watzke, Travis Rector, Zoltan G. Levay, Joseph DePasquale, Olivia Smarr)
Crises Press Coverage : Local & Foreign Reporting on the Arab-Israel Conflict (Hemda Ben-Yehuda, Chanan Naveh, Luba Levin-Banchik)
Grammatical Choice and Meaning in Media Discourse : The Spanish Periphrastic Passive (Miguel A. Aijón-Oliva)
Directness and Appropriateness—Complaints Perceived by English Users of Different Ages in Taiwan (Chi-yin Hong)
Media Consumption and Regional Perceptions of Global Climate Change : Findings from Germany (Jens Tenscher)
Binge Drinking and TMT : Evaluating Responses to Anti-Binge Drinking PSAs from a Terror Management Theory Perspective (Norman C. H. Wong, Stephanie Schartel Dunn)
Portraits of People Who Are Homeless in the Canadian Media : Investigating the Journalists behind the Stories (Katharina Kovacs Burns, Solina Richter, Jean Chaw Kant)
In Press We Trust ? A Comparative Study of Three European Press Systems (Antonio Ciaglia)
Measuring Conversational Journalism : An Experimental Test of Wiki, Twittered and “Collaborative” News Models (Doreen Marie Marchionni)
Media as Practice : Narrative and Conceptual Approach for Qualitative Data Analysis (Pilar Lacasa, Rut Martinez-Borda, Laura Mendez)
When Commodities Attack : Reading Narratives of the Great Recession and Late Capitalism in Contemporary Horror Films (Sean Brayton)
Reviewer Acknowledgements (Patricia Johnson)

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