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Studies in Media and Communication

Vol. 2, No. 1, June 2014.

Table of Contents

Ideology at Work in (the Production of) the News on Ethnic Minorities (Ferruh Yılmaz)
Media Predictors during the 2012 Presidential Election : Political Understanding, Discussion and Candidate Likeability (Thomas P. Boyle)
Dilemma of Empowerment : Responsibility Attribution in Prison Counseling (Guo Jing-ying)
The Effects of Narrative Perspectives and Gender Similarity to a Victim on Sympathy and Support for Aid to People in Need (Xiaoxia Cao)
Environmental Awareness : Environmental Accidents as an Example to be Avoided. A Summative International Analysis (Christos Giannoulis, Constantina Skanavis, Evgenia Karapatsiou)
“Children of a Lesser God :” The Effects of Communication and Interaction Patterns on Student Spiritual Identity at a Church-Related University (G. L. Forward, Jenay Moore, Megan Richardson, Marie Shimansky)
The War against Oil Theft in the Niger Delta Region and Advocacy Campaigns by the Nigerian Press : A Normative Appraisal (Godwin B. Okon)
Efficacy of Environmental Health E-Training for Journalists (Megan L. Parin, Elissa Yancey, Caroline Beidler, Erin N. Haynes)
The Role of Communicating Uncertainty and Information Subsidies on News Media Representation of the Female Condom’s Efficacy (Karishma Chatterjee)
Consumer Reaction and the Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsed Advertising : A Survey-Based Econometric Analysis (Yanqing Jiang, Lin Fang)
Uses of Social Media among Selected Labour Unions in Abuja during Nigeria’s (January 2012) “Oil Subsidy” Removal Protests (Michael Aondo-verr Kombol)
Passive Accomplice or Active Acquiescent to Corruption in Nigeria ? Evidence from Newspapers’ Sourcing of Information on Corruption from 2000 - 2006 (Rodney Ciboh)

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