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"Latin radio. Diversity, innovation and policies"

Radio, Sound & Society Journal

Vol 1, n° 1, 2016. Coord. : Madalena Oliveira, Tiziano Bonini, Grazyna Stachyra.

Table of Contents


A new age for radio and sound studies (Madalena Oliveira, Tiziano Bonini, Grazyna Stachyra)
Diversity, innovation and policies (Manuel Fernández Sande, Ignacio Gallego Pérez)


Community radios in the Portuguese-speaking space : mapping the differences of a community empowerment (Miguel Midões)
Linguistic diversity and communication rights : the role of community media in the promotion of regional or minority languages in Europe (Isabel Lema Blanco, Miriam Meda González)
Radio and the media regulation in Brazil (Bruno H. B. Rebouças, Elaine Nogueira Dias)
The Brazilian public radio broadcasting service and the digital era : the case of the EBC (Carlos Eduardo Esch, Nelia R. del Bianco)
Expanded radio. Rearrangements in Brazilian audio media markets (Marcelo Kischinhevsky, Leonardo de Marchi)
How social media has affected audience’s direct participation in Spanish radio stations. The case of the National Radio of Spain (Manuel Martínez Martín)
Radio versus television in Brazil : the in-between media genesis and development of Brazilian soap operas (Eduardo Vicente, Rosana Soares)

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