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Radio Journal : International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media

Vol. 17, n° 1, 2019.


Special Issue from The Radio Conference : A Transnational Forum, 2018, Prato, Italy (Authors : Mia Lindgren, Jason Loviglio)

On what it means to be free : Radio as a tool of desistance for formerly incarcerated women in Adelaide, Australia (Heather Anderson, Charlotte Bedford)

Community radio stations sustainability model : An open-source solution (Rute Correia, Jorge Vieira, Manuela Aparicio)

Disability media aesthetics : Voices of the war-disabled people in post-war German-language radio plays (Luisa Drews)

Podium Podcast and the freedom of podcasting : Beyond the limits of radio programming and production constraints (Toni Sellas, Sergi Solà)

Market logic versus social gain logic : Polish government policy towards community-oriented radio stations in the early 1990s (Urszula Doliwa)

Radio New Zealand and the Internet : Radio and convergence through ten years of transformation (Matt Mollgaard)

Atmosphere in radio and architecture : Using The Revenge radio play in interdisciplinary teaching as a means to understand notions of abstraction and the tensions between materiality and immateriality in building physical and imagined spaces (Evi Karathanasopoulou)

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