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Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture

Vol. 3, n° 3, 2019.


Judges matter : The courts and culture (Bruce E. Drushel)

Murderbot pronouns : A snapshot of changing gender conventions in the United States (Holly Swyers And Emily Thomas)

‘Darkness Turned into Power’ : Drag as resistance in the era of Trumpian reversal (Ella Greenhalgh)

(Trans)gendering public toilets : Queering toilet humour in South Park’s ‘The Cissy’ (Andrew Robbins)

Abjection of the bisexual self : How haptic visuality brings internalized biphobia to screen in Collard’s Les Nuits fauves and Kechiche’s La Vie d’Adèle (Kirby Childress)

Queer assemblage as queer futurity : Seeking a utopian solution beyond No Future (Keeley B. Gogul)

Queer gender performance and media in school : Dissident reading, bullying and the word ‘gay’ (Christopher Pullen)

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