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"Fake news, algorythms and filter bubbles"

Quaderns del CAC

n° 44, 2018.


Martí Petit : Towards a critique of algorithmic reason. A state-of-the-art review of artificial intelligence, its influence on politics and its regulation

Òscar Coromina and Adrián Padilla : Analysis of disinformation regarding the referendum on 1 October detected by Maldito Bulo 15

Sara Suárez-Gonzalo : Your likes, your vote ? Big personal data exploitation and media manipulation in the US presidential election campaign of Donald Trump in 2016

Ana S. Cardenal, Carol Galais, Joaquim Moré, Camilo Cristancho and Sílvia Majó-Vázquez : The challenge of measuring ideological bias in written digital media

Articles section

Marta Narberhaus Martínez : Children’s news on television. Topics, information quality and audience reception of Newsround (BBC), Logo (ZDF) and Info K (TVC)

Aida Martori Muntsant : Betevé : from hyperlocal television to transmedia ? An analysis of the evolution

Sara Rovira-Esteva and Irene Tor-Carroggio : Sensory accessibility services in TV stations broadcasting in Catalan : the current situation and proposals for the future

Miquel Sañas and Maria Gutiérrez : Constructing a television format : the case of the Telenotícies news programme on Catalan public television (TV3)

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