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Vol. 13, n° 2, novembre 2016.


Bourdaa, Mélanie & Javier Lozano Delmar : ’Contemporary participative TV audiences : Identity, authorship and advertising practices between fandom’

Cashman, David : ’Voyage to the Stars : Interaction between fans and musicians on cruise ship music festivals’

Holladay, Holly Willson : ’How far we’ve come ? : Nostalgia and post-feminism in Mad Men’

Johnston, Keith M., Ed Vollans & Fred L. Greene : ’Watching the trailer : Researching the film trailer audience’

Joyce, Zita : ’"Thank goodness for our little radio" : Researching post-quake radio audiences’

Lee, Hyunji : ’Developing identities : Gossip Girl, Fan activities, and online fan community in Korea’

Taylor, Lisa : ’"He’s … making our North" : Affective engagements with place in David Hockney’s landscapes from "A Bigger Picture"’

Themed Section 1 : The World Hobbit Project

Barker, Martin & Ernest Mathijs : ’Introduction to the Project’

Baltruschat, Doris, Jennifer Grek Martin & Ernest Mathijs : ’The reception of The Hobbit in Canada : does fantasy need technology ?’

Barker, Martin : ’An investigation of the role of affiliations to "authors" in audience responses to The Hobbit films’

Hasebrink, Uwe & Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink : ’Linking fantasy to everyday life : Patterns of orientation and connections to reality in the case of The Hobbit’

Hipfl, Brigitte & Jasmin Kulterer : ’Greed, war, hope, love and friendship : Contemporary structures of feeling and the audience’s readings of broader themes in The Hobbit’

Hirsjärvi, Irma, Urpo Kovala, Maria Ruotsalainen : ’Patterns of reception in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden : Differences and convergences’

Ilan, Jonathan & Amit Kama : ’Where has all the magic gone ? : Audience interpretive strategies of The Hobbit’s film-novel rivalry’

Jacks, Nilda, Valquiria Michela John, Daniela Schmitz, Dulce Mazer, Henrique Denis Lucas, Laura Seligman, Maria Clara Monteiro, Paula Coruja & Sarah Moralejo da Costa : ’Reception of The Hobbit trilogy : Brazilian data’

Jerslev, Anne, Christian Kobbernagel & Kim Schrøder : ’The importance of sampling : Building complementary insights about reception experiences of The Hobbit film trilogy with different survey sampling strategies’

Koistinen, Aino-Kaisa, Maria Ruotsalainen & Tanja Välisalo : ’The World Hobbit Project in Finland : Audience responses and transmedial user practices’

Korpua, Jyrki : ’Finnish audience responses to myth and mythology in The Hobbit : Connections between J R R Tolkien’s fiction and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit film series’

Midkiff, Emily : ’Growing out of it : The Hobbit films and young people’

Mikhaylova, Larisa, Elena Pronina, Marina Knyazeva & Irina Novitskaya : ’Search for moral support, or escape from reality ? Media psychological analysis of the Russian segment in the World Hobbit Project Database’

Schmeink, Lars : ’How Bilbo lost his innocence : Media audiences and the evaluation of The Hobbit as a "Children’s Film"’

Trobia, Alberto : ’Selecting significant respondents from large audience datasets : The case of the World Hobbit Project’

Trültzsch-Wijnen, Sascha & Vanda de Sousa : ’Watching The Hobbit in two European countries : The views of younger audiences and readers in Austria and Portugal’

Veenstra, Aleit, Annemarie Kersten, Tonny Krijnen, Daniël Biltereyst & Philippe Meers : ’Understanding The Hobbit : the cross-national and cross-linguistic reception of a global media product in Belgium, France and the Netherlands’

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