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Participations. Journal of Audience & Receptions Studies

Volume 12, Issue 1, May 2015.

Barker, Martin (Editor) : ’Thinking differently about "censorship"’’

Bergström, Annika : ‘The contexts of internet use : From innovators to late majority’
Knight, Victoria : ‘Television, emotion and prison life : Achieving personal control’
Matikainen, Janne : ‘Motivations for content generation in social media’
Reinhard, CarrieLynn D. & Kevin Miller : ‘Men watching Sex and the City, My Little Pony, and Oklahoma : The interpretation of gender appropriateness in the reception of cross-gendered media products’
Wroot, Jonathan : ‘Reviewing distinctive DVD experiences : NEO Magazine and the critical reception of Asian media distributors’
Chambers, Amy C. & R. Lyle Skains : ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the multimodal mash-up : Film as participatory narrative’

Themed Section 1 : ’Theatre Audiences’ (Guest editors : Matthew Reason & Kirsty Sedgman)

Themed Section 2 : ’Tweeting the Olympics : International broadcasting soft power and social media’ (Guest editors : Marie Gillespie & Ben O’Loughlin)

Themed Section 3 : ’EIFAC 2014’ (Guest editors : Lesley-Ann Dickson)

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