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"Censorship and Audiences" / ’Knowledge Exchange’


Volume 14, n° 1, Mai 2017.


Alvarez, Mike : ’Online spectatorship of death and dying : Pleasure, purpose and community in’

Balogh, Eva : ’Stars in the Aisles : Cinema usherettes, identity and ideology’

Miller, Lucy : ’Access and the construction of fan identity : Industry images of anime fandom’

Reinhard, Carrie Lynn D. & Pooky Amsterdam : ’A Community of Televised Avatars : Interactivities in virtual world television promoting and acknowledging participatory communities’

Turner, Simon : ’District Thailand : Identification, spectatorship, and The Hunger Games in Thailand’

Vainikka, Eliisa, Elina Noppari & Janne Seppänen : ’Exploring tactics of public intimacy on Instagram’

Van de Vijver, Lies : ’The cinema is dead, long live the cinema ! : Understanding the social experience of cinema-going today’

Völcker, Matthias : ’"Spoiler !? I’m completely painless, I read everything" : Fans and spoilers – results of a mixed method study’

Waysdorf, Abby & Stijn Reijnders : ’The role of imagination in the film tourist experience : The case of Game of Thrones’

Themed Section 1 : Censorship and Audiences

Zenor, Jason & Clarissa Smith : ’Introduction : Perceptions of censorship’

Barker, Martin : ’The censor as audience : James Ferman at the British Board of Film Classification’

McLelland, Mark : ’Governmentality and fan resistance in the Japan pop culture sphere’

Treveri Gennari, Daniela & Silvia Dibeltulo : ’"It existed indeed … it was all over the papers" : memories of film censorship in 1950s Italy’

Florian Vörös : ’Performing the unaffected audience : "Mature and responsible" men accounting for their pornographic fantasies’

Close, Samantha : ’Moon Prism Power ! : Censorship as adaptation in the case of Sailor Moon’

Themed Section 2 : ’Knowledge Exchange’

Pitts, Stephanie : ’Introduction : Themed section on Knowledge Exchange and Public Engagement’

Hield, Fay & Sarah Price : ’"Old Adam was the first man formed" : (In)forming and investigating listeners’ experiences of new music as audience enrichment, public engagement and research’

Dunford, Mark : ’Understanding voice, distribution and listening in Digital Storytelling’

Ryall, Amy, Jane Hodson & Casey Strine : ’Everybody Knows : Engaged research and the changing role of the academic’

Behr, Adam : ’Where the snowman meets the sunshine : The tensions between research, engagement and impact in cultural policy’

Packman, Claire, Louise Rutt & Grace Williams : ’The value of experts, the importance of partners, and the worth of the people in between’

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