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Palabra Clave

Vol. 22, n° 2, 2019.

Table of contents

Editorial - Reconnecting Two Worlds in Favor of Democratic Values

Film Technique : A Modern Economy of Time, Body, and Soul

Transmedia Literacy : Analyzing the Impact of The X-Files Transmedia Strategies

Face Blurring : Artistic Practices and the Issue of the Visibility of Victims

The “Bad Boy” and the “Good Girl” : Role Models and Youth Representations in Spanish Teen Series [Spanish] :

Undoing the Agreement : The Public Dispute between Parliamentarians over the Implementation of the Peace Deal in Colombia

Historical Structuralism, Political Economy and Communication Theories : Notes on the Development of Latin American Critical Thinking

Narratives of the Economic Crisis : National Neoliberalism in Spanish Advertising (2008-2017)

The New Laws of New Media and the Re-shaping of the Environment

Cyberactivism and Global Citizenship Education : Participatory Action Research in Two Educational Experiences in Bogota

Brand Communication of Hotel Chains through their Websites : Proposed Model for Their Management

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