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Palabra Clave

Vol. 21, n° 4, 2018.

Table of contents

Editorial - Xenophobia and Journalism : Colombia and the Venezuelan Migration

Connective Ecologies : Digital Animism, Computerized Ecology, and Matter in a Network

Commodification and Digital Political Participation : The “15-M Movement” and the Collectivization of the Internet

It’s Morning in America : Invasion of the Body Snatchers as a Portrait of a Society

Work Key : A Theoretical-Technological Path to Organize the Hidden Components of Communication

Word-of-Mouth Communication as a Consequence of Relationship Quality in Online Environments

When Reason Does Not Explain Everything : A Transnational Look at Communicative Action by Citizens in Contexts of Armed Conflict or Violence

Ethical Challenges of Journalism in the Era of Big Data : An Analysis of Latin American Deontological Codes [Spanish] :

Dialogism and Appropriationist Practices in Contemporary Video Art

Elements of Visual Studies : A Critical Analysis of Scopic Regimes Seen from the Standpoint of Visual Essentialism

How the Newspapers /El País/, /Le Monde/, /Le Soir/and /The New York Times/Treated Information on the Genocide in Rwanda in 1994

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