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"Being Old in the Age of Mediatization"

Nordicom Review

n° 38, 2017/1. Coord. : Christa Lykke Christensen, Line Nybro Petersen


Christa Lykke Christensen, Line Nybro Petersen : Introduction. Being Old in the Age of Mediatization

Christa Lykke Christensen : Healthy Ageing and Mediated Health Expertise

Line Nybro Petersen : ‘Generation Conviviality’. The Role of Media Logic in Television Production for Elderly Audiences

Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, Kim Sawchuk, Line Grenier : Maintaining Connections. Octo- and Nonagenarians on Digital ‘Use and Non-use’

Cecilie Givskov : Growing Old with Mediatization. Reflexivity and Sense of Agency

Noah Lenstra : The Community-Based Information Infrastructure of Older Adult Digital Learning. A Study of Public Libraries and Senior Centers in a Medium-sized City in the USA

Annika Bergström : Digital Equality and the Uptake of Digital Applications among Seniors of Different Age

Thorsten Naab, Christian Schwarzenegger : Why Ageing is More Important than Being Old Understanding the Elderly in a Mediatized World

Andreas Hepp, Matthias Berg, Cindy Roitsch : A Processual Concept of Media Generation. The Media-Generational Positioning of Elderly People

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