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"Special Section : Political Engagement"

New Media and Society

octobre 2016, 18/9. Coord. : Karolina Koc-Michalska, Darren Lilleker et Thierry Vedel.

Karolina Koc-Michalska, Darren G Lilleker, and Thierry Vedel : Civic political engagement and social change in the new digital age

Marko M Skoric, Qinfeng Zhu, Debbie Goh, and Natalie Pang : Social media and citizen engagement : A meta-analytic review

Shelley Boulianne : Online news, civic awareness, and engagement in civic and political life

Augusto Valeriani and Cristian Vaccari : Accidental exposure to politics on social media as online participation equalizer in Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom

Trevor Diehl, Brian E Weeks, and Homero Gil de Zúñiga : Political persuasion on social media : Tracing direct and indirect effects of news use and social interaction

Marta Cantijoch, Silvia Galandini, and Rachel Gibson : ‘It’s not about me, it’s about my community’ : A mixed-method study of civic websites and community efficacy

GR Boynton and Glenn W Richardson, Jr : Agenda setting in the twenty-first century

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