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22 - Les mondes de la musique

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Emmanuelle Olivier

Music and globalization: «techno-logics» of musical creation

Le Temps des médias n°22, Printemps 2014, p. 134-148.


With the democratization of digital technology since the beginning of 2000s, a real technological mutation affects the creation, the distribution and the circulation of music and dance. If the question is analysed since a few years for the North countries, on the other hand we ignore widely how, in less industrialized contexts, creative regimes develop at the time of digital technology. Besides, in numerous countries, we observe that the digital technology coexists with “obsolete” technologies such the analog cassette, the vinyl record, or the VHS. In spite of their lack of visibility in the North countries, these mixed technologies testify nevertheless of knowledges and know how, of imaginaries, but also industrial networks which we could qualify as alternatives, suggesting of real “subterranean ways of the cultural globalization” (Tristan Mattelart, 2011). From my field experience in Mali, and more generally in Western Africa, I shall be interested on one hand in the cohabitation and in the interpenetration of these various technological regimes, on the other hand in the way they give rise to singular esthetic creations which join independent economies of the culture. The approach around these local initiatives will so allow to see how, in the South countries, the “globalized”technologies of the communication give rise to a big diversity of practices, appropriations and manipulations, from the point of view of the musical crea - tion, but also those of the reproduction, the circulation and the preservation of the musics.

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