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"Communicating on/with Minorities"

Media and Communication

Vol. 7, n° 1, 2019.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Communicating on/with Minorities (Leen d’Haenens and Willem Joris)

Representation of Women in the News : Balancing between Career and Family Life (Hanne Vandenberghe)

Managing Super-Diversity on Television : The Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Flemish Non-Fiction Programmes (Koen Panis, Steve Paulussen and Alexander Dhoest)

ICT Use and Digital Inclusion among Roma/Gitano Adolescents (Maialen Garmendia and Inaki Karrera)

Risk and Culture of Health Portrayal in a U.S. Cross-Cultural TV Adaptation, a Pilot Study (Darien Perez Ryan and Patrick E. Jamieson)

Unpacking Attitudes on Immigrants and Refugees : A Focus on Household Composition and News Media Consumption (David De Coninck, Koen Matthijs, Marlies Debrael, Rozane De Cock and Leen d’Haenens)

Immigrant Children and the Internet in Spain : Uses, Opportunities, and Risks (Miguel Angel Casado, Carmelo Garitaonandia, Gorka Moreno and Estefania Jimenez)

Diversity in Western Countries : Journalism Culture, Migration Integration Policy and Public Opinion (Stefan Mertens, Olivier Standaert, Leen d’Haenens and Rozane De Cock)

Immigrant, Nationalist and Proud : A Twitter Analysis of Indian Diaspora Supporters for Brexit and Trumpport for Brexit and Trump (Eviane Cheng Leidig)

We Live Here, and We Are Queer ! : Young Gay Connected Migrants’ Transnational Ties and Integration in the Netherlands (Jeffrey Patterson and Koen Leurs)

The Cancer’s Margins Project : Access to Knowledge and Its Mobilization by LGBQ/T Cancer Patients (Evan T. Taylor, Mary K. Bryson, Lorna Boschman, Tae Hart, Jacqueline Gahagan, Genevieve Rail and Janice Ristock)

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