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"Multidisciplinary Studies in Media and Communication"

Media and Communication

Vol. 5, n° 2, 2017. Coord. :Epp Lauk, Raul Reis, Mark Cocks and Michelle Bogre.

Table of Contents

The Finns Party : Euroscepticism, Euro Crisis, Populism and the Media (Juha Herkman)
The New Visual Testimonial : Narrative, Authenticity, and Subjectivity in Emerging Commercial Photographic Practice (Heather Morton)
The Market Value of Who We Are : The Flow of Personal Data and Its Regulation in China (Dong Han)
Under the Influence : Advertisers’ Impact on the Content of Swiss Free Newspapers (Colin Porlezza)
Subjective Evaluation of Media Content as a Moderator of Media Effects on European Identity : Mere Exposure and the Hostile Media Phenomenon (Waqas Ejaz , Marco Bräuer and Jens Wolling)
Political Participation and Power Relations in Egypt : The Scope of Newspapers and Social Network Sites (Mostafa Shehata)
A Historical Analysis of Media Practices and Technologies in Protest Movements : A Review of Crisis and Critique by Anne Kaun (Anne Laajalahti)
Crises, Rumours and Reposts : Journalists’ Social Media Content Gathering and Verification Practices in Breaking News Situations (Klas Backholm , Julian Ausserhofer , Elsebeth Frey , Anna Grøndahl Larsen , Harald Hornmoen , Joachim Högväg and Gudrun Reimerth)
Reinvention of Publishers’ Revenue Model—Expectations of Advertisers towards Publishers’ Products (Bianca Dennstedt and Hans Koller)
Welcome to the Era of Fake News (Jonathan Albright)

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