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"Post-Snowden Internet Policy"

Media and Communication

Vol. 5, n° 1, 2017. Coord. : Julia Pohle, Leo Van Audenhove.

Table of Contents :

Post-Snowden Internet Policy : Between Public Outrage, Resistance and Policy Change

Outrage without Consequences ? Post-Snowden Discourses and Governmental Practice in Germany

Intelligence Reform and the Snowden Paradox : The Case of France

Networked Authoritarianism and the Geopolitics of Information : Understanding Russian Internet Policy

Migrating Servers, Elusive Users : Reconfigurations of the Russian Internet in the Post-Snowden Era

Clipper Meets Apple vs. FBI—A Comparison of the Cryptography Discourses from 1993 and 2016

Corporate Privacy Policy Changes during PRISM and the Rise of Surveillance Capitalism

Metadata Laws, Journalism and Resistance in Australia

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