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ROY Elodie A.

Media, Materiality and Memory. Grounding the Groove

Londres, Ashgate Publishing, 2015, 234 p., £54.

Media, Materiality and Memory : Grounding the Groove examines the entwinement of material music objects, technology and memory in relation to a range of independent record labels, including Sarah Records, Ghost Box and Finders Keepers. Moving from Edison’s phonograph to digital music files, from record collections to online archives, Roy argues that materiality plays a crucial role in constructing and understanding the territory of recorded sound. How do musical objects ‘write’ cultural narratives ? How can we unearth and reactivate past histories by looking at yesterday’s media formats ? What is the nature, and fate, of the physical archive in an increasingly dematerialized world ? In what ways do physical and digital musical objects coexist and intersect ? With its innovative theoretical approach, the book explores the implications of materialization in the fashioning of a musical world and its cultural transmission. A substantial contribution to the field of music and material culture studies, Media, Materiality and Memory also provides a nuanced and timely reflection on nostalgia and forgetting in the digital age.

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