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Media Industries Journal

Vol. 4, n° 1, 2017.


Fail Fast : The Value of Studying Unsuccessful Technology Companies
Nora Draper (University of New Hampshire)

Zimuzu and Media Industry in China
Darrell William Davis (Lingnan University) and Emilie Yueh-Yu Yeh (Hong Kong Baptist University)

Artist and Repertoire Goes Online : Evidence from Poland
Patryk Galuszka (University of Lodz) and Katarzyna M. Wyrzykowska (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Donald Rugoff, Cinema V, and Commercial Strategies of 1960s–1970s Art Cinema
Justin Wyatt (University of Rhode Island)

Special Section : Media Industries and Engagement

Introduction : Media Industries and Engagement
Annette Hill (Lund University) and Jeanette Steemers (King’s College London)

Reality TV Engagement : Producer and Audience Relations for Reality Talent Shows
Annette Hill (Lund University)

Industry Engagement with Policy on Public Service Television for Children : BBC Charter Review and the Public Service Content Fund
Jeanette Steemers (King’s College London)

Media Industries and Engagement : A Dialogue across Industry and Academia
Julie Donovan (Formats Consultant), Annette Hill (Lund University), Jane Roscoe (London Film School), Jeanette Steemers (King’s College London), and Doug Wood (Endemol Shine)

Afterword : Reflections on Media Engagement
John Corner (Leeds University)

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