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14 - Fiction

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Hélène Campaignolle-Catel

Le journalisme de Maupassant et Mallarmé : discours et pratiques (1880-1890)

Le Temps des médias n°14, Printemps 2010, p. 28-45.

As the last third of the 19th century sees changes in the production and reception of the written text, as well as an evolution in the literary scope and domain, the borders of literature are questioned. In the ensuing debate opposing literature and journalism, Maupassant and Mallarmé emerge as two antagonistic figures – the latter dismissing all narratives, while the former using literature to produce a critical narrative centered on the world of journalism. Yet, for all their disagreements, both authors are influenced by journalism as a genre, and nurture a constant creative dialogue with it, where the in-between of literature and its other takes shape, and are challenged the very principles of fiction. DrapeauFrancais

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