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09 - La fabrique des sports

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Luc Robène et Dominique Bodin

Le feuilleton aéronautique à la Belle Époque

Le Temps des médias n°9, automne 2007, p.47-62

From the beginning of the 20th century the French press monitored closely the technical and sporting feats of aviators-from "the aeroplane" to beyond. Daily newspapers seized on the sensational features of the nascent aviation industry to promote their own image and boost sales. They even become the main spurs to this momentum by creating sensational contests. Such "aviation fever" reflects a noteworthy acculturation achievement by a news press which literally invented staged aerial feats and new media strategies. This article sheds a light on an aspect of modern culture that intersects between the quickening pace in the development of sports, technical and industrial mobility, and the press as a mass media. DrapeauFrancais

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