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09 - La fabrique des sports

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Gilles Montérémal

L’Équipe : médiateur et producteur de spectacle sportif (1946-1967)

Le Temps des médias n°9, automne 2007, p.107-120

As one of the best-known heirs of the tradition of the sports press in France, L’Equipe is both a go-between and the producer of both a spectator-sport and an industry: in order to boost its editorial contents and to increase its profits during slow-news periods (middle of the week, beginning of the summer). To reach a wider readership, L’Equipe launches or develops international sports events (the "Tour de France" cycle-race, the European cup of the football clubs); in the 1960s this strategy widenened to include non-professional sports such as alpine skiing. But the international federations, while taking advantage of the economic benefits that resulted, ignore the initial contribution of L’Equipe. DrapeauFrancais

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