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10 - Peopolisation et politique

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Eric Seizelet

Koizumi Jun’ichirô, superstar de la vie politique japonaise

Le Temps des médias n°10, printemps 2008, p.115-128

Koizumi Jun’ichirô was somewhat of a « weirdo » in the world of Japanese politics, in sharp contrast to the dark-suited, stereotyped traditional elites. Surfing a tide of enthousiasm following his accession to power as president of the LDP in April, 2001 and Prime minister, he deliberately cultivated an image of a maverick reformist, using his popularity with the public to push for radical political change and economic restructuration. If, recently, television and the new technologies of information used to play a more important role in shaping the image of Japanese politicians, Koizumi Jun’ichirô was may be the first politician to manipulate the medias in a systematic way to assert his own political leadership against the « reactionary forces » lurked within the majority. But by reducing political discourses to slogans, Koizumi Jun’ichirô paved the way to populism, accelerated the confusion between politics, information and entertainment and at last did not positively contributed to the renovation of the political system. DrapeauFrancais

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