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25 - De la nature àl’écologie

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Alexis Vrignon

Journalists and activists. Ecologist Press in the seventies

Le Temps des médias n° 25, Automne 2015, p. 120-134.


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The ecologist press, which appeared in the early seventies, made an explicit link between the establishment of a new relationship with the environment and the radical transformation of society. However, this militant posture had to deal with a professional model of neutral and disengaged journalism on the one hand and, on the other hand, with the constraints of a commercial enterprise. Therefore, the ecologist press was caught between two ideal-types which defined what is to be a journalist and what is to be an activist and tried to set a specific track. Yet, because of the strong sociological and professional diversity that characterized this press, there was no easy way out of the tension between those two requirements. This incomplete questioning of canonical journalistic practices explains the search for another model reconciling these different dimensions.

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